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Step 1: Build It

First, you need a modern website that works on any device and is easy to manage. Your next customer is vetting your business based on a number of factors and your website is a big part of that.

It’s no secret that your website is the potential customer’s first impression. Research says that nearly 60% of potential customers won’t recommend a business if it has a poorly designed website.

Not having a website — or worse yet, having a bad website — can be disastrous. Forbes Magazine says websites are vital for small business and no website means losing business.

So make sure you have a website that is fast, works on any device, and is easy to manage. That’s priority No. 1.

Step 2: Optimize It

Any web design house will throw the term SEO around like it’s a magical term but in reality, there’s no magic at all.

There’s some really simple things that you can do to give yourself the best shot at being found in all the search engines. There’s on-page optimization, which includes making sure your structuring your keywords in all the right places. There’s also what you can do outside of your website to make sure people are linking back to you and contributing to your good standing on the web.

But there’s also content marketing and that’s a huge part of the game. You’re an expert in your field and your opinions and insights have the potential to turn possible clients into long-time customers. In the game of SEO, good content wins always.

Step 3: Convert It

Time and time again people with amazing websites and great content plans spend — and sometimes lose — thousands of dollars in marketing because they do one simple thing wrong: they don’t help prospects make decisions.

If you’re conducting email marketing campaigns or spending money on CPC strategies and don’t have the end goal in mind, you’re on the wrong path.

A website that drives results is a highly converting website. The next time you’re thinking about spending money on an ad that sends customers to your homepage, think again.