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Building a Place to Highlight Ellwood City’s Top Day Care Center

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The Ellwood City Children’s Center located in Ellwood City, PA, never had a website and relied on word-of-mouth and a Facebook page until February 2020. Blue Rose Digital Media built a digital home for the daycare center, which is committed to the development of the total child: emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically through experience suited to the maturity levels and growth patterns of each child in the atmosphere of caring and loving.

Dedicated to the Development of the Total Child.

Ellwood City Children’s Center had to balance delivering crucial information with encouraging new business. The Children’s Center provides a rich learning environment with curricula that are developmentally appropriate to the specific ages of the classroom.

Caring for the Total Child

The Ellwood City Children’s Center uses the Creative Curriculum.

As part of this curriculum, we gather information about each child’s development abilities and evaluate progress so we can modify and adjust what we are doing in our classroom so as to deliver the best individualized instruction for each child.

This evaluation is communicated to families periodically during the school year using various formal and informal tools, forms, and resources.

For more information about your child;s day, please see copies of daily schedules and lessons plans posted in each classroom.

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