Project Description

Project Brief

Victory Media, now VIQTORY, needed a home for it’s flagship magazine GI Jobs. Site design required an entry point for transitioning veterans to find companies, schools, or entrepreneurship opportunities as well as leverage the brands magazine content in a blog format.

By using templates for schools and companies, we were able to quickly create hundreds of pages to offer transitioning veterans a wide array of opportunities.

Build included design and custom development, including extended Avada for WordPress.

Design Samples

Skills Needed

Build required templates to be made for school and employer profiles, which were used to create hundreds of pages for universities and organizations around the country in minutes.

Development included extending the website’s theme Avada to accommodate special needs throughout the site. Created modules to attach WordPress site to the job board, powered by an outside service.

Project Planning 100
Custom Theme Development 100
Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere 100
HTML/CSS/PHP/jQuery 100