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Ellwood City Children’s Center


Building a Place to Highlight Ellwood City's Top Day Care Center Check it out here The Ellwood City Children's Center located in Ellwood City, PA, never had a website and relied on word-of-mouth and a Facebook page until February 2020. Blue Rose Digital Media built a digital [...]

Harvest Moon Coffee and Chocolates


Beautifully Simple Coffee and Chocolate Shop Website Check it out here From an early age, Desiree Singleton has a dream of opening her own chocolate shop. In early 2020, Desiree and her husband Tony made good on that dream by opening Harvest Moon Coffee and Chocolates in Tarentum, PA, a small [...]

STEM Website


Project Brief STEMJobs.com was created to be the place for students to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The site was powered by content from STEMJobs Magazine and required a structured environment to house all the content. Additionally, the website featured "STEMJobs Approved Colleges" and "STEMJobs Approved Companys", which required templates to [...]

GI Jobs


Project Brief Victory Media, now VIQTORY, needed a home for it's flagship magazine GI Jobs. Site design required an entry point for transitioning veterans to find companies, schools, or entrepreneurship opportunities as well as leverage the brands magazine content in a blog format. By using templates for schools and companies, we were able [...]

Homestead Capri Pizza Shop


Deliciously Engaging Responsive Design Homestead Capri needed an engaging, dynamic site to compete with neighboring pizza shops. The medium sized restaurant wanted to capitalize on what it did best -- great food, awesome service, beer on delivery and a reward system. Homestead Capri was able to deliver on that -- and more. [...]

Yoga Studio Website Design


Developed in 2014 to launch a Yoga Studio, this website primarily served as a way of introducing the owner to the community. The website included an area of the studio's teachers, calendar of events, and blog to help spread the word. The studio's welcoming, warm atmosphere  (which was a natural extension of it's lively owner) [...]